Should I invest in FemTech?

Are there investors out there who want to invest in FemTech?

The answer is, yes, and …. Yes!

In this “What the FemTech?!” blog post, I’ll be exploring the market potential for FemTech, what factors have played into investors’ impotence when it comes to backing…

Are FemTech and SexTech the same thing?

No… but also yes. Now let me tell you why.

FemTech is more than women’s sexual health and wellness, and SexTech expands beyond solutions for folks who identify as female. …

What The FemTech?!: The Origin Story of the FemTech Industry

“Is it just women founders?”*

“Why isn’t there such a thing as MenTech?”**

“Should it even exist?”***

If you’ve heard one or more of these questions when describing your product, company, industry, or community — you might be in FemTech…

Susan Stover

All things #FemTech | Consultant | Public Speaker |🤓

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